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There are a lot of Greek destinations to explore inside Greece. We will travel you inside our magazine to take a taste.



The Greek food is the Mediterranean cuisine with so many delicious dishes. In Capture Greece we show you the best Greek recipes.



In Capture Greece magazine you will see the best hotels, how to book and the services they have. Not only luxury but also simple studios.



Look at the sunset. Surround yourself with positive, beautiful people, people with filoxenia, ready to welcome you.

Greek Beaches

Explore the wonderful beaches of Greece in our articles, stories, videos. We will present you the full guide to every beach in Greece.

Greek monuments

Greece has a great history. You will learn about the historical monuments and the instructions of how to go and what you should see.

Greek islands

We will guide you to the amazing islands of Greece through the Capture Greece magazine. You will get the information about every corner of the islands. Stay tuned!

Greek Churches

Greece has many churches and monasteries. Travel with us.

The beautiful beaches of Greece are hidden in the amazing islands of the country. And not only in the islands, but in the whole Greece. The waters are crystal clear.